A new energy initiative is launched!

The Paris Agreement and the global shift to a zero-carbon economy present genuine opportunities for countries that carefully plan their transitions. Australia and Germany possess complementary qualities in a modern low-emissions energy system: Australia as a potential energy superpower in a low-carbon world, and Germany as the engine-room providing the tools for transition. Both countries need to resolve similar issues for this transition to happen effectively and smoothly. Working together, Australia and Germany can open new opportunities for both nations.

The Energy Transition Hub. The Hub brings together researchers, industry experts, government officials, statutory authorities, and the community to address energy transition challenges such as reform to energy markets; regulation and policy to support low-carbon energy investment; technical aspects of the transition to a renewables-intensive electricity supply; electrical engineering for smart grids; and roadmaps to effective and sustianable deployment of negative emissions technologies.

Research themes. Across a range of disciplines, the Energy Transition Hub's work aligns with four themes:

  • (I) Meeting the socio-economic and regulatory challenges of the energy transition,
  • (II) Meeting the technical challenges of the energy transition,
  • (III) Making negative emissions work, and
  • (IV) Creating industrial process and export opportunities in a low-emissions economy.

Launch. The Energy Transition Hub (and its Focus Project) will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2017, bringing together more than 75 Australian and German researchers with industry partners and government bodies.

Join as a partner. If you are interested in being part of the Hub through financial or other forms of involvement, please contact us. We welcome industry, government and civil society partners in exploring the energy transition and its opportunities, incorporating technical, economic, policy and social dimensions.